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About Aurora


aurora is professional dancer,

performer and visual artist,

photographer and writer


From Bellaria Igea Marina (Italy), based in Berlin (Germany).

She began her career as freelance artist after graduating from the Contemporary School of Hamburg

(CDSH 2018-2021) and did her internship at the Stadttheater of Pforzheim (2023).

Later on, she has been exploring multidisciplinary arts by creating installations which combine those.

She recently realized her book “If flowers would not wither”: a book of poetry that talks about changes,

life, death, healing processes, movement’s connections and shared spaces (2023).

Currently she is working with the 'Current Dance Collective' based in Hamburg.

She has been part of the production GAGMF (2022 and tour 2023), Rave New World (2021 and tour 2022) and The End Is Important In All Things (2021), choreographed by Suse Tjtien.
She is working as a model for life drawing, in Berlin.

She worked with the Stadttheater in Oldenburg in the production “Die Tote Stadt” (2023-24).

She performed in the piece "Architects Of Self Destruction" by Abhilash Ningappa (Bangalore, India)
She has been part of the project 'Horses' by Yolanda Morales. (Premiere in Germany in 2021, tour in June 2022 and April 2023)

She performed twice in the project 'Life on the Planet Orsinamnirana' in the Museum of Künste und

Gewerbe in Hamburg, first with the choreographer Ursina Tossi, after with Jersey Seymour and The Dirty Art Department.

She has been part of the dance team of the music video 'OX' and 'Mike me' by Bowie, Vivian Essig. 

As well she was part of the dance team of the music video 'Winter' by Saay (Korea).

She has been a dancer in the performance piece 'Thuli', production by Anand Dhanakoti. 


Aurora performed her own pieces:

“A door to a place I have never seen” in Berlin at GlogauAir Residency (2023).

“If flowers would not wither” in Budapest at School of Disobedience (2023) and in Shoonya Center for art and somatic practices in Bangalore, India (2023).

"3rd cross, Exit 55" at Dare To Share Collective in Sarzana, Italy (2024) and at the event Bande à Part in Berlin (2024)

“I dance, move, create, paint, write and wonder. I see life through art or the other way around. I’m interested in aesthetic of bodies and about the changes they go through in a life process. I work with images, words and sensations. I believe in vulnerability, and I think sharing is the most enriching thing that we can experience.”

Let’s Work Together

Phone DE: +4917684012553

Phone IT: +393466433549

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